I'm the strongest vampire in the world

I drink blood

Im From Israel

I'm not afraid of anything in the world

And I can even change nature

I have supernatural powers and tremendous knowledge in everything that exists in the world

And I know how to do everything and learn everything by myself

I have a lot of supernatural powers and special abilities

I'm looking for more credible vampires that exist in the world or in my country

I have not yet met another vampire or someone like me or like me

I've seen some vampires in the rest of the world, but it's not known what their capabilities are

And if they are true or fake

And my club is a club of single hunters looking for someone like them

Who can communicate with each other and talk about things they can not do with anyone else

And special meetings and events only for the Amateurs vampires

We will call the blood team

And I am the strongest and most powerful vampire in the world.

If you are a real vampire

Please contact me

☀Important Update:


I have new things in this whole subject of supernatural powers

There are two types of forces in the world:

The power of darkness that is the black power (impurity)

And there is the power of light which is the good power in the world (the Torah of the Jews)

And that it also holds the whole world and without it the world would not exist.

Some people have one special power that they are born with

And there are people who have a kind of special power like seeing the future

As the exiles are destined to be given the power they receive with the power of black and evil.

That the Torah of the Jews forbids doing business or going to people who deal with it.

And there is the power that Jews can get from the Torah, which is the strongest force in the world

And nature must be changed and things cut and God sustains them.

And get special forces.

I have a lot more to say about the subject and also about worlds that live under our world and above which have a hidden life according to the Torah.

And everything that happens and happens in the world is already recorded in the Torah many years ago

And the whole world admits that the Torah of the Jews is the truth and the purest, most powerful and true thing in the world.

So contact me for more information about all of these things and if you feel that you have a different or special sense that you have things that you do not contact me also.

I have a great goal to create a true superhero in reality with the help of all things.

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